Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food Quality Control – Durian Burung Custom Check

BAKAS – Water Treatment Plant

Flow of the process will be update soon!(The officer yet to send us the picture)


Photo album below was taken at Puncak Jerning, an alternative water supply for Northern region. However, it was now closed due to leptospirosis. Due to the rainy day, we were unable to visit the Anti-gravity feed as the muddy road was slippery.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 8 - BAKAS

Life is unpredictable! When you feel your life is bountiful, something will just come over you and and draw a fine line on your prince or princess diary. And a small flaw causes a big sense of alienation. As we thought we’ll have a nice day visit here and there for water sampling, anti gravity fall, etc via BAKAS, everything just ruined up with a word – BUSY! Duh, work is still priority after all, and PPKPK Mohd Zin had promise to compensate that tomorrow, so just tilt our head and flex our facial muscles!

We did water sampling at 3 places, which were Kampung Saujana, Durian Burung and Pedu.


The album above showed some of water sampling test on Chloride, Nitrates, etc.

P7130205 P7130204

Air Bawah Tanah 80m by Kementerian Kesihatan and the right pic showed how they sterilized the pail by burning the cotton swab with spirit.


Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Direct Reading Spectrophotometer


Conductivity and Dissolved Solute meter


pH meter



Coliform test(result in 24 hrs time)

Fluoride Test with reagent


Cleaned the apparatus with distilled water.

Guess you’ll never know the water that come and go easily by twisting a hose involved such complicated procedures to make sure it’s save for drinking purpose. So, water is our life, do not waste it!


Padang Terap Group

Day 7 – Food Quality Control II & NCDC

A whole new world, A new fantastic point of view! Before we were here, our impression on Padang Terap was a rural area, peaceful and standard of living should be lower compared to Sg. Petani, Penang & KL. But, we were wrong. The food and goods here were much more expensive than the price in SP & Penang. The cheapest fried noodles costs RM3.50. It’s CHEAPEST! As we’ll be having Food Quality Control posting today, we were really would like to know if the price we paid for equivalent to the quality they served.

We were welcomed by PPKP Pergas A/L Retnam in Food Quality Control unit.

P7120023 P7120024

First, he explained what’s the unit about and described the table written on the whiteboard. It was actually about the sample taken during monthly operation.

P7120027 P7120028

Then, he discussed about the microbiology and chemistry kits that were used during food sampling, items brought back for analysis,

P7120031 P7120032    

P7120035 P7120040

P7120042 P7120047

 P7120048 P7120044


P7120058P7120062 P7120061

Then, we went to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Padang Terap and be an amateur.

P7120070 P7120071

P7120074 P7120078

P7120081 P7120082

P7120083 P7120086

P7120087 P7120088

P7120090 P7120094

P7120098 P7120099

Next, we went to the stall right opposite to the school to evaluate them. The stall got 94 out of 100. Bravo!

In the afternoon, we finished off the NCDC as the officer was finally free for us. Nothing much, as Padang Terap stress more on Smoking.

P7120120 P7120121

P7120122 P7120123

As KPAS will be busy these few days, thus they decided to give us the talk today as well. Sigh~



Padang Terap Group